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I wrote a fic for [livejournal.com profile] martianholiday and it turned into a bit of a strange beast for which I created an AU. In case anybody is remotely interested, I'm posting my thoughts here. This won't make much sense to you unless you've read Why Are We Running. If you wish to remain unspoilered for the entirety of Ashes to Ashes, especially 3x08, don't click on the cut.

The paradox is that Gene would likely not have moved to London if Sam hadn't died, so if he never met Sam he'd never have shot Alex. The way I've reconciled this is by fudging A2A 3x08 canon quite a bit. And by taking the existence of parallel universes as read.

Let's say that Gene's sphere of influence, his power over 'limbo', only extends as far as England goes, because otherwise he'd be getting dead French and Australian and whatever cops turning up in his playground. So when he goes off on his adventure between series - first to the Isle of Wight, which was 'shit', his imagination and its ability to construct new permutations of reality is being stretched to its limits. Then he wants to go...properly abroad.

His power as a ghost, or guardian angel, or whatever, allows him to travel by crossing into a parallel universe which happens to contain a Sam who was never involved in a car accident. I should mention at this point that Ashes!Gene obviously does remember Sam, but the consequence of being in a parallel world which contains another Sam is that he forgets all knowledge of the first Sam. The reverse applies when he returns to his own world in 3x01, he remembers the English breakfast but not why it was the best he ever had. He loses AU Sam and regains his memories of dead Sam.

I needed Gene in 2006 because Sam in 1982/3 would be 13/14 years old and that's no good for the purpose of the fic. As for why Gene is not completely befuddled by mobile phones and modern technology - he simply wakes up with the knowledge already in his brain, another survival technique gifted to him from the universe.

And the letter on Sam's desk...wellllll ;)
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